Record usd Proxmox VE commands. Contents Import disk img Add/Rescan undisplayed disk Passthrough sata drivers Delete PVE cluster Reinstall ceph Import disk img Transfer .img disc image file to Virtual Machine(vm) disk. The example is to transfer openWRT image file to VM disk. qm importdisk [VM id] [image path] [storage id] Example: qm importdisk 100 ./openwrt.img local-lvm Rescan undisplayed disk It would be rescan all disk which belongs to a specific virtual machine.
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Record infrequently used but potential useful commands Contents iperf3 - Network speed test qemu - convert images iperf3 Test network speed between devices. First, open server-side iperf/iperf3 service, then, test it by client-side iperf/iperf3 application. Under windows system, the application is iperf3.exe. Open server-side iperf3 service iperf3 -s -p 5201 Open client-side iperf3 service iperf3 -c [ip address] -p 5201 Qemu convert images qemu-img convert -f [format] -O [output format] vm-114-disk-0.qcow2 vm-114-disk-0.
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